League of Shoguns

League of Shoguns Whitepaper 1.0
Shoguns on a battle arena
NFTs have remained the talk of the digital community and even the world at large since their introduction. The mind-blowing potentials coupled with the near-endless applications of NFTs have attracted several players into the space, all of whom are minded to take advantage of this technology.
Sadly, in spite of all of the ongoing activities, these players are yet to fully capitalize upon the true strengths of the technology which, at its core, is meant to act as a bridge, spurring collaboration between several existing projects by the incorporation of key creative elements and clear and innovative objectives.
The low volume of the cross-collection corporation in the NFT space is in itself in far contrast to how the Metaverse and the gaming industry should function. This reality is a constraint to the expansion of the NFT market hence our intention, decision, and best efforts to work in collaboration with leading NFT projects to integrate their avatars into our League of Shoguns' platform.

League of Shoguns (LOS)

League of Shoguns is a Play-to-Earn fighting game set up in a fantasy ancient Japan where Shoguns defend and lead their people. It is a 3D NFT game that combines the fun and entertainment of traditional gaming with earning, community and ownership through NFTs in blockchain-based gaming. LOS is a Mobile and web game that gives everyone with a crypto wallet the opportunity to play while giving only players with NFT avatars the opportunity to earn from winning battles.
We have taken the time to carefully create an interesting, exciting, and rewarding game; from the economy to gameplay, different campaigns, christening conventions, and every other aspect of the ecosystem. It's all evident here, and more will be unveiled as we proceed.

Vision and Mission

To build a gaming ecosystem that rewards players while they have fun and bond with one another.
Available on both web and mobile, we aim at becoming the leading play-to-earn battle arena game on the Aptos, partnering with other Avatars so they could be imported into the League of Shoguns.
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